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With any artform there are different tools the artist chooses to use as their medium. Just like oil-based paints have different attraction than water-based paints, we have chosen our artistic talents are better suited with digital meduim.

The following are reasons why we have chosen to use the digital medium.


  • The ability to make backups of the original "negative", either during an event or after, prior to being sent to the lab for prints.
  • The ability for customers to purchase digital negatives that can be copied and archived for decades as opposed to a traditional negative that degrades with time.


  • The ability to see in realtime how shots are turning out allows us to be more accurate with our results. For example, indoor photos near bright windows.
  • The ability to notice retakes at the time of the event or in large groups be able to digitally open closed eyes and fix minor distractions.
  • The ability to produce larger quality prints than 35mm film can.


  • The ability to attempt original poses and shots and be able to tell in realtime how they are going to turn out.
  • The ability to seamlessly provide digital touchup and create digital coffee table albums.
  • The ability to photograph in color and then decide afterwards whether to keep the image in color or change it to black and white, sepia, or a mixture of each.

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